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Total Health Podcast

Nov 19, 2019

Join both Marty Johnson and Christian Olson as they talk about what makes Total Health Nutrition Center stand out from the other health stores out there.  

Oct 29, 2019

Listen in as Paige Welsh helps you understand what stress does to the body, the reasons why this happens, and the long term effects of not managing it. Learn practical ways to manage it that are easy to do on your own so that you can have a less stress life! 

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Oct 9, 2019

Listen in as Paige Welsh, from Total Health Nutrition Center tells her story on how she combated her autoimmune condition.  Hear her practical advice on how she reduced her triggers and how she got her health back on track.    

Sep 13, 2019

Listen in as Marty Johnson talks about natural products for managing pain, and what to combine them with for more effective results. 



Aug 14, 2019

Listen in as Marty Johnson, founder of Total Health Nutrition Center, discusses products to combat anxiety naturally.