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Total Health Podcast

Oct 16, 2018

Listen in as Marty Johnson helps you understand why toxins are becoming a huge problem and how they affect your health. Plus, advice on how to get rid of toxins in body by properly detoxing. 

  • If you still are dealing with brain fog, fatigue, body aches, joint pain, skin conditions, and digestion issues, you will want to listen in to this episode because Marty Johnson will help you understand why you still have these symptoms even if you have been told you are doing all the right things for detox. 
  • Learn about what kind of toxins can affect your health and what symptoms can be created because of toxins. 
  • Marty Johnson will give you his thoughts on when it is safe to detoxify yourself and when your symptom will need help from an expert like him and his team at Total Health Nutrition Center.  

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